What Are the Components of a Cable Railing System?

What Are the Components of a Cable Railing System?

Chris Baker

Cable railing systems make for a perfect addition to any deck space. But is assembly and installation a tedious task? Here are the cable railing system components to expect.

Hardware Supplies

Another critical component of cable railing systems includes hardware kits and supplies. These supplies include tensioners, hardware, and connecting devices to ensure a solid and secure installation for your cable railing system. Tensioners and stabilizers prevent cables from slacking, maintaining the cable railing system’s safety and security.

Posts and Post Supplies

Cable railing systems come with several ends, lines, and corner posts to create the entire length of their makeup. An important note is that code requirements help decide the number of posts you need to create a proper cable railing system. Furthermore, posts shouldn’t reside more than four feet apart after installation.

Infill, Top, and Bottom Rail

Other important cable railing system parts include the infill and bottom railing. The purpose of infill is to mount between the bottom and top rails and along the vertical posts. They make up the body of the railing systems, keeping people safe within their perimeters. In addition, you can find stainless, glass, wood, composite, or metal cable infills, requiring that they prevent four-inch materials from getting through.

The bottom rails reside parallel to the top railing, providing additional stability to the railing system. The top rail creates a border connecting vertical posts. In addition, it helps anchor glass inserts that can also comprise the infill. Both parts contribute significantly to a secure, safe cable railing system.

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