Things To Do Before Installing Your Cable Railing System

Things To Do Before Installing Your Cable Railing System

Chris Baker

If you’re looking to improve the overall aesthetic and safety of your deck, a cable railing system can offer exactly what you need. So, here are a couple of things to do before installing a cable railing system on your deck.

Consider Its Safety

One question you might ask yourself before installing a cable railing system is if it’s safe for your family. As long as you take certain measures ahead of time, cable railing systems can offer high levels of safety for you and your family.

It’s common for parents to worry that their children will try to fit their heads through the cables. Thankfully, you can prevent this issue by following the four-inch sphere test. Ideally, installing your cables four inches apart will prevent a four-inch sphere from passing through, meaning your child won’t be able to fit their head through either. Furthermore, maintaining tension and using high-quality cables can avoid wear and tear.

Understand the Materials

The materials used can impact the installation process of your cable railing system. Firstly, the railing cable involves key factors, such as the wire strand thickness, twisting style, and the number of wire strands. Railing posts also consist of two different metals: stainless steel and aluminum, which can offer strength and aesthetics.

Lastly, tensioning materials come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. So, the right components should reflect your style, post, and cable preferences. The tools you use for the cable railing installation can also come with the kit you purchase.

Make Time for Installation

One thing to know before installing cable railing systems is the time needed for setup. While many DIY projects are time-consuming, cable railing systems aren’t a tedious task. If you plan on working with an average-sized deck area, you’ll need about six to eight hours of installation time to account for obstacles, mistakes, or backtracking.

Cable railing systems can improve the overall aesthetic of your deck while increasing safety and protection for everyone. At PanoRAIL, we offer high-quality parts and kits to help create your cable railing system so that you can stay focused during installation. Our deck rail cable systems offer corrosion resistance and a lifetime value with impeccable stainless steel of strength and durability. Contact us today if you want to transform your deck into a backyard paradise.