3 Useful Tips When Planning on Upgrading to Cable Railing

3 Useful Tips When Planning on Upgrading to Cable Railing

Chris Baker

Upgrading your deck can not only increase its stability and safety but also can change its aesthetic. Many homeowners have switched to cable railing systems for their low-maintenance and eye-catching features. Here are three useful planning tips for upgrading to cable railing.

Use a Drilling Guide

When you plan on upgrading to cable railing, one time-saving consideration is to use a drilling guide. It helps when drilling cable railing posts for easy cable feeding. Typical cable railing requires smaller drilled holes and can result in drifting. Therefore, drilling it can be incredibly slow and still have misalignment.

If you want accurate drilling without taking too much time, you can find a drill guide to help you through the process. The handy tool can also work on other projects, even after you install cable railing.

Don’t Forget Helpful Tools

If there’s one piece of advice when planning to upgrade to cable railing you should remember, it’s to get the necessary tools. For example, you can mark hole locations if your cable railing system has a drilling template.

Furthermore, if the manufacturer of the cable railing system offers premium tools, invest in them to streamline the process. Some heavy-duty tools include specific wrench sets, cable cutters, swaging tools, and more. You can save considerable time when you can easily find the tools you need through the manufacturer.

Know How To Space the Posts

Cable railing systems require vertical posts to allow cabling to run, along with proper distance placement. Ideally, post spacing should remain 4 feet on center, a measurement from the center points of each post. The 4-foot measurements determine the number of posts necessary to encompass your deck perimeter.

You can also use a cable stabilizer, which is a metal pole that allows cable lengths of up to 7-8 feet between posts. In other words, cable stabilizers can help increase the distance between each post.

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