3 Tips for Installing a New Cable Railing

3 Tips for Installing a New Cable Railing

Chris Baker

Cable railing systems are perfect for your backyard, rooftop decks, and other outdoor structures. They’re an aesthetically pleasing, inexpensive option that is easy to install. That’s why many DIYers install these unique accessories on their decks. However, installing an outdoor cable railing can be overwhelming if you’re a beginner working with new tools and supplies.

To help you complete this project, here are the top three tips for installing a new cable railing system.

Make Sure To Use the Correct Tools

Before you install your cable railing system, it’s essential to know what tools you will need. If you do not have the proper tools at your disposal, you could face a railing that’s too loose or tight and, therefore, unreliable. The tools you typically need for a cable railing installation are:

  • Wrenches
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Measuring tape
  • Cable cutter
  • Cable tensioning tool

If you need additional help, you can refer to numerous online guides, videos, and guidebooks that will ensure you’re using the right tools and that your railing is safe for use.

Use a Template To Get Accurate Post Holes

Another great tip for installing a new cable railing is to use a template to ensure you get accurate postholes. Your posts are extremely important to the integrity of your railing because, without them, the railing would lack durability and security. Use a template to drill your cable railing post holes in the same spots, thus ensuring your efforts are secure. Check with your local building code requirements to find the appropriate post measurements.

Find the Perfect Tension Level

The cables must be properly installed with the correct tension level when installing your railing system. Overtightening your lines can cause structural damage to the posts and rails. On the other hand, having your cables too loose can be unsafe and produce a sagging effect. Your lines should be tight enough to prevent a four-ich sphere from pushing through.

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