3 Tips for Maintaining Your Deck Railing System

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Deck Railing System

Chris Baker

Cable railing systems are visually impressive and safe additions to your deck. So, check out these three tips for maintaining your deck railing system.

Monitor Post Integrity

Your deck railing posts must be secure, level, and sturdy. If your handrail is slanted, the post’s integrity may be compromised. Check under your deck to ensure nothing from below impact your post integrity. While you’re down there, look for loose screws. Making sure that your deck is sturdy and level can extend the life of your cable railing posts.

Wire, Rod, and Cable Preservation

Cable railing systems are designed for optimal safety, so it’s important to keep them that way. Checking your cable railing tension every few months can guarantee proper cable railing deck safety.

If you notice signs of sagging or looseness in your cable railings, you’ve gone too long between tightening. Your tightening tools can help you retighten cable railing fittings. Keep your tensioning wire taut in order to follow local safety codes for your railing system.

Practice Regular Cleaning

One crucial tip for maintaining deck railing systems is to clean them routinely. You can perform a rinse and wipe every week or so. It only takes a few minutes, requiring a fresh bucket of water and light rail wiping with a clean cloth. This method removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints. It can also eliminate environmental contaminants, such as salt crystals.

Perform a full cleaning every three to six months to ensure cable railing integrity. Avoid using abrasive materials and cleaners in order to maintain the quality of your deck railing. You can even use a pressure washer on a low setting to clean your railing system.

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