Different Deck Styles That Work With Cable Railing

Different Deck Styles That Work With Cable Railing

Chris Baker

There’s no better way to transform your outdoor space than by adding a deck with a cable railing. This functional but decorative addition will add a sleek, modern look to the exterior of your home. Your deck is the perfect spot to unwind, entertain, and embrace the nature around you. Enhance your atmosphere and improve your home’s design by discovering these three deck styles that work with cable railing.

Industrial-Style Deck

You've come to the right place if you want to achieve a minimalistic and industrial look. Adding a cable railing to your deck will provide beautiful views and add value to your property. This addition will also boost your industrial design and make your property theming cohesive. It’ll be seamless and unique as a result. Take full advantage of your industrial aesthetic and add cable wiring to your deck.

Pergola-and-Deck Duo

Have coverage all around by adding a cable railing to your pergola and deck. Spend time relaxing in the shade while looking out at the breathtaking views from your backyard. The modern steel components add a contemporary feel to your space and provide safety without compromising the aesthetics. You spruce up your railing with string lights and other accessories to add a personal touch to your deck.

Rooftop-Style Deck

Create the perfect outdoor living space and maximize your backyard by adding a cable railing to your rooftop deck. Not only will you have the best possible views, but you’ll be able to make a lasting impression on your guests and create the ultimate hideaway to relax. With a cable railing accenting your rooftop deck, you’ll add a luxurious and elegant touch to your atmosphere.

Multi-Level Deck

If you have a sloping yard, want to add visual interest, or want to maximize your space, adding a multi-level deck is a great option. And it’s a deck style that works with cable railing. You can split your deck into multiple sections, such as a relaxing area, an entertainment space, and an area for your pet to play. With cable railings, you can have unobstructed views on every level and keep your rooms safe.

Transform your outdoor space by adding cable railings to your deck. At PanoRAIL, we offer cable wire for deck railing to fit your style and local code requirements. Learn more about our services by browsing our website and contacting our team. We’re always looking forward to starting a new project.