Why Choose Cable Railing Systems For Your Home?

Chris Baker

Cable railing systems are a great option for any home. Whether you’re upgrading your balcony, porch, or deck, you will reach a point where you’ll have to choose what railing option to go with. For most homeowners, the decision is usually a quick one that results in something boring made of wood or metal balusters, and there’s a good chance that you’re considering the same route. But what if you chose something different — something that will dutifully serve its purpose yet remain practically invisible?

stainless steel cable railing with 2" square steel tubing river view

They Can Complement Many Different Home Designs

Most of the systems you’ll come across when shopping will be comprised of end, corner, and mid/intermediate posts, with cables running across the framing. This makes them flexible enough to blend in with any design and architecture.Thanks to the elegant structure and lean texture. What’s more, you can further enhance this appeal by using different materials for framing or changing the manner in which the cables are mounted. But if you like to keep things simple, you can take comfort in the fact that most products are designed stylishly enough to be used in both contemporary and traditional homes.


Unlike most other railing options, cable railings have the ability to withstand just about all weather conditions. This is especially true for aluminum and stainless steel systems — not only can they withstand enormous amounts of weight, but they also don’t deteriorate when continuously exposed to sunlight and precipitation. Cable railings are thus a wise investment for any homeowner, since they don’t require much in the way of maintenance.

Picturesque Views Ahead

If you’re looking for a railing option that stays functional without obstructing your view of the surroundings, cable railings would be your best bet. The posts should be placed 4 feet apart. No matter how far apart the cables are spaced, you can rest assured that they will let you see right through to your backyard, walkway, or balcony. This enhances the curb appeal and resale value of your property as well. Something you can’t say of wood pickets.

Built to Last

Obviously, a piece of wood will never match aluminum or stainless steel cable rails in terms of sheer strength. This means wooden structures have to be replaced regularly to uphold stability, something you won’t need to worry about when you choose cable railing systems. As long as they’re installed properly, these could last for decades, making them ideal for homeowners seeking long-term solutions.

Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, cable railing systems allow for a sleek, contemporary look that’s sure to impress. This might be the reason why their popularity has been rising steadily in recent years. So why not get in touch with us for more advice on these solutions? At PanoRAIL, we have an experienced railing team who can guide you towards the best solution for your specific needs and preferences, so feel free to call or email us.