The Benefits of Stainless Steel Cable Railing Systems

Chris Baker

A stainless steel cable railing system is essentially a series of metal wires/cables that run between rail posts. Open views are maintained by this system and when compared to glass, cable railing enables superior ventilation. The aesthetic created by this railing system complements different home styles.

 stainless steel cable railing with metal top rail ocean view and hot tub

Installers find this type of system remarkably easy and flexible. As an interior application, it is typically combined with cable rail handrails and wooden posts, with accents of stainless steel. When used in exterior applications, they are most attractively paired with stainless steel posts, steel-reinforced vinyl posts, composite posts, aluminum posts, or wood posts. Below are two benefits of installing a stainless steel cable railing:

Flexibility and Variety

When it comes to visual appeal, our stainless steel cable railing systems are quite flexible and they blend easily with any design. They look outstanding on both traditionally-designed and contemporary homes; this is largely because their clean lines virtually disappear.

The ultimate look of cable railings will largely depend on the particular materials used for framing and how the system is mounted. A chic, modern look can be achieved with a shiny, metallic finish, while you can achieve a homier, more traditional feel with dark framing.

Minimal Maintenance and Impressive Durability

Stainless steel cable railing systems can endure all types of wear and weather, which makes them a sensible investment for any homeowner. The quality of the fittings and cable we offer makes them practically maintenance free and tremendously resistant to corrosion.

Additionally, since a lot of the cable we have available can withstand up to 2800 pounds, you will be able to rely on the strength of your railing system for many years to come. In contrast to glass and wood pickets that get dirty or rot, the very minimal amount of material used in this type of system will allow you to effortlessly view your panoramic picturesque surroundings.

At PanoRAIL, our cable railings are available in variety of quality and sizes. The two most commonly used sizes are 1x19 and 7x7. The former is the sturdier of the two and it is more resistant to corrosion resistant. In addition, it is more rigid, with a more advanced breaking point than its less costly 7x7 counterpart.

Typically, our stainless steel cable railing parts are used for stairwells, decks, and porches. However, every day inspired architects are coming up with new and creative ways to use cable railings to really showcase the unique personality of the property owner and the overall beauty of a space.