These Swage Turnbuckles with Lag Screws are for cable runs that attach to the surface of a wood post or wall. The screw is about 1.5" long so you will NOT have to offset them if used in a 4x4 corner post. The turnbuckle length is about 3" long. Overall length of the turnbuckle including the swage portion, turnbuckle, and lag screw is 7-1/4".

The Lag Screw Turnbuckle can be paired with a Lag Screw Terminal or Toggle Terminal. Or it can be paired with another turnbuckle or other tensioning hardware for longer runs of cable. The turnbuckles are made from T316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel for maximum durability.

These Swage Turnbuckles are recommended for cable runs up to about 75'-80'.

SKU: 0712760972557-1