Introducing our new HEX Lock Wire Rope Tensioner and Terminal Set with Concealed Threads for 1/8" cable that's designed for metal posts. These have the benefits of a turnbuckle in that you just spin them to adjust your tensioning at any time without needing to cut off excess threading each time. They are a fraction of the cost of a turnbuckle.

HEX Lock makes installation simple as you simply tighten 3 hex screws to hold the cable in the fitting. If you run out of tension in the threads you simply loosen the three screws, remove the cable, trim the cable, and reinstall! You will love the way these look and function.  This wire rope tensioner offers 2" of tensioning. Use two posts in every corner to avoid the need to stagger your runs. Use a 3/16" Allen/Hex Key for Tensioning.

**Avoid Using Power Tools**

Tensioner Dimensions & Weight:

-Total Length Open: 5.20"

-Total Length Closed: 4.12"

-Head Where Cable Is Inserted: 1.76″ x 0.46″

-Body: 2.36″ x 0.47″

Tensioner Weight: 0.20 lb

-Terminal Dimensions & Weight:

-Total Length: 2.36″

-Body: 2.23″ x 0.47″

-Head: 0.13" x 0.63"

-Terminal Weight: 0.10 lb