Black Swage Lag Stud Screw Cable Tensioner Set, Left Hand and Right Hand for 1/8″ Cable

This set of screw cable tensioners is a perfect option for wooden posts/structures for an extremely clean and uniform appearance in a single run, you can use a RH stud on one side and the LH stud on the opposite end. By using two different threads you’re able to roll the cable as you tighten pulling the lags into the post without twisting the cable. If you were to use the same direction thread, the cable would start twisting and would loosen over time. After you insert the wire into the terminal, you’ll need a special cable swaging tool to crimp the two together. Be sure to double-check your cable lengths before crimping, once the swaging is completed it can not be undone.

The best wire rope we’ve found to use with these steel cable tensioners is stainless cable that has a 1×19 configuration. Other options can be rough to the touch but the 1×19 is easy on the hands. We also believe it is the best looking, especially when you see it up close.

Specifications of Lag Stud Cable Tensioners

– Total Length: 4″

– How Much Cable Inserts: 1.5″

– Thread Length: 2″