We are excited to show you a new product that is extremely easy to work with and it’s easy to install. It works for straight runs or on stairs. The cable is easily removed, trimmed, and reinserted if you cut your cables too long. Let's go over the features really quickly. We’ve designed this turnbuckle tensioner toggle set seamlessly. You don’t have any visible pins or anything. There’s no markings of how the pieces attach together. We’ve had it made extremely robust so that you can actually install these fittings by simply drilling a 3/16″ inch pilot hole and you insert the fitting and wind it in by hand. It couldn’t be easier; very easy to work with.

Say you’re working with each of your lines and you run out of tensioning. We’ve only had this designed with a 2 inch barrel, and we did that on purpose because we wanted this to be able to be very slim, have a minimal footprint on your rail. That’s what most of our customers were asking for. Something very sleek and minimalist. And so we had this design but the problem with using a shorter barrel like this is you could potentially run out of tensioning. So with that we’ve had this designed so its very easy. If you run out of tensioning, you simply loosen the three hex screws, which are a #3(mm) Allen key. You simply loosen those, pull the cable out, make your adjustment, you open the barrel again and trim off the excess – insert the cable and you’re able to tighten it back up.

It also makes it really easy to make adjustments to the turnbuckles as well. You’ll notice with some rail systems its challenging to make sure that all of the turn buckles are lined up and that they’re extended the same amount, to give you that really uniform look. They’re so close together its really easy to notice when one of them is longer or shorter than others. So this hex lock system makes it so you can loosen these screws, remove the cable and make those slight adjustments. You find the turnbuckles that are shorter, the ones that aren’t extended as much. You can trim off that amount of cable so that when you reinstall it they’ll all be lined up and uniform.

Offers 2″ of tensioning.

Sold as a set with Terminal and Turnbuckle Tensioner Toggles together.