Differences Between Horizontal and Vertical Cable Railing

Differences Between Horizontal and Vertical Cable Railing

Chris Baker

Cable railings can create a modern, sleek look on any home’s deck. It can bring more character to your backyard without going overboard on design and budget. But there are only two variations to choose from: vertical and horizontal.

So, what are the differences between vertical and horizontal cable railing systems? Here is a brief overview of each variation to help determine which is right for you.

Horizontal Cable Railing

Horizontal cable railing systems are a more affordable alternative to vertical cable railings. Many homeowners choose horizontal railing systems for better backyard views, urban settings, and outdoor spaces with wide deck space. However, practicing safety with horizontal cable railings is essential.

Vertical Cable Railing

Vertical cable railing systems create a visually eye-catching and striking look. They mount between metal deck posts and existing wood deck posts and are reinforced with stainless steel support rods.

Vertical cable railings are great for backyards with tall trees, indoor staircases, and homes with tall, unique features. Homeowners who want standout homes and decks often use vertical cable railing systems. However, note that vertical cable railings require more hardware, which increases costs. They also inhibit the view more than horizontal cable railing.

Which Is Right for You?

Now that you know the differences between horizontal and vertical cable railing systems, which is right for you? Simply put, horizontal cable railing can provide safety and reinforced strength to a deck, while vertical cable railings can provide visual interest. Depending on your lifestyle, home life, and home design goals, both can benefit homeowners in their own ways.

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