Cable Railing Parts for Homes and Businesses

Chris Baker

Cable railing parts is extremely versatile and is suitable for a number of different applications. Here at PanoRAIL we stock all the cable railing parts you need to create a cable railing that fits your needs. Our stocked parts are made from T316 Marine Grade stainless steel but we’re able to get our hands on anything for our customers.

Interior Applications

stainless steel cable railing stairs black powder coated metal steel post

The great thing about cable railing is the minimal profile. The profile created by the cable disappears into any existing decor creating a sophisticated look. The minimal profile not only looks great, it takes less space than traditional materials. It allows you to maximize the room that you have; perfect for apartments and smaller dwellings. It is nowhere near as bulky as wood creating a significantly smaller footprint in your home. It can serve as a banister for stairs or for an upper floor. You can integrate cable railing into every area of your interior or just specific places. The cables can be suspended between posts made from wood or metal. The clean look is well suited for both personal homes and professional businesses.

Exterior Applications

stainless steel cable railing system cedar posts outdoor backyard view

All of our parts are constructed to withstand the elements. Made of Type 316 "marine grade" stainless steel, it will withstand the wind, rain, sun, and snow all in stride. It is a material that takes minimal maintenance and will last for a really long time. Use cable railing to secure decks, docks, stairs, boardwalks, and balconies. You can decide how many cables you use and the distance between cables but we always recommend checking the building code in your local area before finalizing plans.

Cable railing allows you to maximize the security of areas without compromising visibility. Again, cable railing has such a low profile that it virtually disappears. It provides the most visibility you can get from a railing system without using glass (that constantly needs to be cleaned).

Range of Products

We offer you everything you need to complete your cable railing project here at PanoRAIL. We can ship your products to you in the United States or internationally. Our full range of products include swage and swageless fittings, rail posts, cable, tools, and all the accessories needed to install cable railing. We even offer some custom products for special projects.

If you need an experienced contractor to help you with your cable railing project we might be able to assist. We have fostered trusted relationships with several contractors in varied areas of the United States. Contact Us to see if we know a contractor in your area. We can help you determine what cable railing parts you’ll need for your project.